va provides central administration of an internet domain hosting solution. From the central administration machine, you can set up customer web sites, ftp access, dns and mail services, which can be distributed over machines. You can also delegate administrative control for domains to non-root users.

If you would like to provide hosting services (web and mail) va can make your repetitive tasks such as creating and removing domains, mailboxes and aliases very straightforward. va is console-based so experienced administrators can automate the way they use it.

Audience: internet system administrators, virtual ISP's
Installation fee: R9500.00 (incl. VAT). We will install the applications on your computers for you to act as a virtual ISP. If you are upgrading from an existing hosting solution, we will assist with the transfer of data and attempt to make the change-over as painless as possible for your clients. The installation fee includes the first three months of support.
Requires: linux, sendmail, apache, bind
Language: perl
Licence: GPL

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