Short Skills Course Options in Finance

Kerrin Badham - 2022-02-08 15:37:51

Leading Training has a few options to consider.  This article will take you through these.  The Finance for Non-Financial Managers Course – is a 3-day, non-accredited, fast-paced course for managers who already have a degree or professional qualification, and who need to develop and strengthen their skills. The objectives of this course are: to read basic financial statements assess the financial performance and health of an organisation enhance their decision-making skill... Read more

Why Change Management Plans Matter

Andrew Badham - 2021-07-14 16:06:59

Change is the great constant. Whether it happens gradually and inconspicuously, or all at once, change happens, and organisations must then adapt. Sometimes, we adapt without realising we’re making a significant change; we slightly adjust our processes as the world around us changes and, after a while, we realise we are doing business quite differently than before. This incremental adaption happens naturally and, for adapting to slowly changing environments, it can work. But sometimes, c... Read more

What Writing Course Should I Attend?

Kerrin Badham - 2021-06-30 14:50:01

That depends on what skills you need to build.  Let’s ask some questions: What kind of reports do you write and at what level? Are there any technical elements such as graphs, charts, etc that need to be included? And how skilled/experienced are you in writing? Are you proficient in using MS Word or such tools to format reports correctly? And do you need accredited training (ie courses that cover NQF aligned unit standards and are assessed or formally tested for competence against th... Read more

Why Critical Thinking Is the Most Important Skill You’ll Ever Learn.

Andrew Badham - 2021-06-03 10:58:58

Is critical thinking the most important skill you’ll ever learn? To put any one skill into that prestigious position would take quite a sound argument. After all, there are so many skills that you rely on daily to get through work and life, how could you possibly pick anyone above another? My simple reason is that critical thinking influences everything we do. Have you ever wondered why people believe things that seem blatantly crazy or get sucked into business ideas that are clearly a... Read more

The Sleep-Stress connection and what to do about it

Andrew Badham - 2019-04-24 15:25:26

  Sleep and Stress It’s not uncommon for me to come to the end of a stress management course – talking over concepts like rumination, fight or flight responses, and other more cognitive causes of stress – only to find their distress is rooted in something far simpler: a lack of sleep. Of course, sleep is not the only foundational element that can puppet your anxiety levels, food and exercise play massive roles as well, but sleep deserves a special mention. The Cycle... Read more