Why you as a web-developer need Laravel

Andrew Badham 2017-10-27 10:16:02


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Web Development Using Laravel


What is Laravel?

Laravel has taken the programming community by storm. Laravel is a free and open source PHP Framework used to speed up web development. It’s the most popular PHP Framework in the developing community, but many companies and individuals don’t know about it. so, there is a huge opportunity for PHP developers who have not yet started using a framework to increase their productivity in the workplace.

Why is it useful?

Easy to learn

Like everything else, programming languages evolve and PHP is no exception. Laravel uses the latest version of PHP which comes with many security benefits. The core value-add of Laravel is that it helps you generate clean, easy-to-read code, but it has many other attractive features, excellent communication support, documentation and a relatively easy learning curve. One of its more noticeable features is the Object Relational Mapper (ORM), which makes it possible to interact with databases without needing to know SQL.

Easy to maintain

Keeping up with the latest trends in the web development industry can be difficult. As soon as you’ve mastered the art of a specific application, a new or upgraded version is introduced, offering improved features. Thankfully, Laravel comes to the rescue. Websites developed with this PHP Framework are code clean and easy to maintain. They provide easy ways to reuse code that is used on multiple projects, so keeping your sites up-to-date is a breeze.

It's comprehensive

A website is the online face of the company. Anyone searching for you or what you sell is going to come into contact with that first. That first contact needs to be aesthetically pleasing, sure, but most of all it has to be functional. Developing a website using Laravel will make your online presence stand out from your competitors’. Developers who neglect frameworks often leave out important aspects resulting in bugs and security vulnerabilities; Laravel makes all this easy.


Unsurprisingly, Laravel is the best selling PHP Framework. So, whether you want to develop brilliant websites or improve on an existing site, you’ll be wanting Laravel.


And, if you get stuck trying to learn this awesome tool, we’re always here to help. Check out the links below for the Laravel course and others which go great with it.




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