Why you lose your cool in the heat

Andrew Badham - 2018-12-06 15:02:33

  It’s getting hot, uncomfortably hot, and as the temperature rises, you might find your temperament changing with it. Chances are, you’re probably feeling a bit more on edge, a little more agitated, perhaps even a little aggressive. Of course, so is everyone else. After all, they’re baking in the same nationwide sauna as you are; a sauna which is only set to get worse as summer marches on and climate change fuels it on. Of course, it might not be the heat that is short... Read more

Why you need a beautiful office

Andrew Badham - 2018-12-03 12:08:19

  Of all the reasons to feel blue walking into an office on a Monday morning, the colour of your office was probably not the first to come to mind. You’d far sooner attribute your discomfort to office politics before referencing the lack of pretty pictures on the wall. Nevertheless, you’d probably choose a beautiful office over a purely functional one, if given the chance. Is that choice purely superficial? Is there any practical reason we might prefer one environment to anot... Read more

The importance of immediate action, even when it's a scary convo with your boss

Andrew Badham - 2018-11-21 11:38:04

There’s a simple question I like to ask students at the end of a class, “What’s one action you’ll do tomorrow to move towards your goal?” It seems like a mundane question, but it’s rather important. When people decide to make a change but fail to take any substantive actions to effect that change, they might actually further entrench their old behaviours, according to The JournaI of Personality and Social Psychology. For example, if you decided to be less la... Read more

Creating Meaning at work and why that matters

Andrew Badham - 2018-11-09 15:39:08

It’s certainly not a new idea that people have a desire to work for more than just their paycheques, that they need some motivation to pursue beyond the prospect of a raise. Of course, quantifying just how much people are willing to pursue meaning over salary is no easy task; nevertheless, a team from Better Up decided to take on the challenge. What they found was surprising. The average respondent was willing to part with 23% of their future earnings for more guaranteed meaning on a day... Read more

If you want people to listen, speak with a deeper voice

Andrew Badham - 2018-10-18 08:43:24

The power of your voice is something I try to impress upon the folks in our classes. So much is said of appropriate body language and positioning in the room, yet – in my opinion – your voice is by far the more important factor. Your voice conveys how you feel about the subject matter of your discussion; it draws the listener’s attention to those parts you wish to highlight to them; it defines and represents you, the speaker, to the audience. Part of that representation is yo... Read more

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