bouncer is a tool for Linux that allows you (the user) to make TCP connections via a third party proxy, or a chain of third party proxies. Wingate, SOCKS4 and (new in this version) HTTP proxies are supported. This has the effect of concealing your IP address -- although it is recorded in the log files of the first hop proxy.

Audience: System administrators, hackers, script kiddies :) and other 31337 persons
Requires: linux, gcc, dynamically linked executables
Language: C
Licence: GPL
Similar projects: tsocks (SOCKS 4/5 client for Linux); connect.c (Like netcat with proxy support, as far as I can see).
Why?: We, and many others, get tons of spam delivered anonymously via unsecured open proxy servers. Publishing this code should make the situation marginally worse, and contribute to forcing people to close up their open proxy servers, or surrender their bandwidth for ever to the spammers and friends. I also don't like the idea that the only other code that does this is either closed source or buggy. And we like writing code.

Download and documentation

How it looks
When you use the program, it looks something like this...

  foo: ~/software/bouncer $ ./bounce -d s: s:
  BOUNCER: ~/software/bouncer $ telnet 25
  Bouncer debugging started
  connect: done
  socks4: ... request ... done
  socks4: ... request ... done
  Connected to
  Escape character is '^]'.
  220 ESMTP Server
  HELO there
  250 Hello []
Once you do this, Microsoft remembers the proxy server, and doesn't accept any further mail from it. Isn't that so cool?

The code that this version of bouncer is based on contains no claims of authorship, and no copyright statement. If this is incorrect, and you are the original author, please send us some evidence of this. Until such time, this code and specifically the copyrighted improvements are available under the GNU GPL version 2.

By way of acknowledgement / credit, here are some comments from the original source code.

  connect() client dynamic wrapper to bounce tcp connections
  by mirage (ptlink/ptnet) <>

  .\\idgard Security Services [March/April/May 1999]
  Some portability fixes added in September

  MANY thanks to LiquidK @ptnet/promiscnet/efnet
  this whole .c was based on an example of his...