Mail Spy

mailspy makes it possible for you to monitor the activies of your sendmail mail server. Most mail analysis programs will only report the sender and recipient of a mail and its size. mailspy records the sender, recipient, the subject line and the names of the attachments. mailspy can now be deployed to archive copies of selected mails (both incoming and outgoing). Access to these mails is provided with IMAP.

Audience: corporate system administrators, ISP's
Installation fee: R972.00+VAT (this applies if we install mailspy for you). Please call us for a price if you wish to install mailspy on a non-Linux system.
System requirements: C compiler, linux, sendmail with libmilter support, web server
Language: perl, C
Source license: GPL
Technical notes: Mailspy is written in C, and works smoothly on SuSE Linux 7.2, provided you install the correct rpm's first. It may well work on other flavours of Linux and Unix, but your mileage may vary since the configuration scripts and directory names are a little presumptuous.

Download and documentation

We make no statement about the legal implications of using this software. We recommend that you modify your corporate network usage policy and clarify that e-mail is monitored in detail before installing mailspy.