squint generates a little report of who is spending the most time and resources browsing the internet via your squid proxy server. The top offenders in terms of data transfer, number of files transferred and on-line time are reported. squint now also generates a detailed history for each person which can be viewed with a browser.

squint is useful for discovering problems with internet usage patterns. To determine on-line time, it is guesstimated that after a "hit" the person is reading the page for the following two minutes. So the measurement of on-line time is unreliable, but the system does provide a warning that investigation may be warranted.

squint periodically analyzes your proxy server logs, and produces linked html pages like this.

squish is the reactive version of squint. Rather than reporting that you're using a lot of resources, squish creates a blacklist which lists everyone who exceeds the configured limits.

Audience: system administrators and management.
Requires: squid proxy server, web server, web browser, cron
Language: bash and perl (perl version 5.6 and later)
License: GPL
Technical note: Squint is quite resource intensive. It takes around 15 minutes to analyse 1 week of web traffic for 50 users. The size of the generated reports is also considerably larger than the size of the original data.

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