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The what and the why of UX Design

Andrew Badham - 2018-04-23 12:28:16

On a superficial level, User Experience Design is a fairly self-explanatory function. A UX Designer is primarily concerned with how the user interacts with a product. What that product is, varies; it could be a web, mobile or desktop app, or even a physical product. Regardless, someone has to take into account how the user will eventually use the product and whether that design actually fits their usage. That’s all fairly intuitive from the title; what’s less intuitive is how UX de... Read more

Power BI Desktop App and PowerBI.com Web App - Reference Material

Bernard Niewoud - 2017-01-20 15:09:15

For further reading and reference, please see the books and articles below Most recent articles will be at the top.    Leading Edge Courses:  https://www.leadingtraining.co.za/all_courses.php   Microsoft.com. 2017, March 10. Announcing Granular Tentant Settings in Power BI. https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-granular-tenant-settings-in-power-bi/ Tags: Security, Administration, Enable and Disable features for subset of tenants.... Read more

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