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Leading Edge Business Solutions

Leading Edge Business Solutions began in 1996 as an IT consultancy, with a primary focus on Linux solutions, support, and Linux Training. Our vision was then to take Linux into the business sector as a viable and excellent alternative to proprietary brands... Read more.

Training Courses

Leading Training offers a large range of exciting short courses. Training in Information Technology, Web Design and Developlopment (programming), Linux, MS Office/ Open Office, Management and Business Skills...

Business Management Courses

Managing a business or just a business unit requires a wide variety of skills. You need to be able to manage your employees, your resources, and even yourself. Our wide variety of courses will help you face the challenges of your management role.

Communication and Interpersonal skills Courses

Learning to interact and communicate effectively through self-management and social awareness is a powerful business skill. Our courses will help you to be more effective as an individual, team member, and leader.

CRM, Sales and Marketing Courses

Managing customer relations is key to sustainable business. Whether you are marketing to new customers, selling to loyal customers, or managing key accounts, there are a range of skills you need to communicate and interact effectively. Our courses will give you an excellent understanding of your customer and how to reach them effectively.

Data Science Courses

Data science is a powerful and exciting field. By understanding how to collect, clean, analyse, and visualise data, you can create insights to help your business grow. There are many tools and skills you'll need to succeed such as the ability to work with databases, an understanding of statistics, and even some programming skills. Our courses will give you a working knowledge of these valuable skills.

Digital Marketing Courses

Marketing your business on digital platforms allows you to reach your customers affordably and effectively. The Internet is often the first point of contact between a business and its customer, so you need to make sure that your business is prominent and leaves a great impression. Our courses will help you to make your business discoverable and help you communicate your brand's messages.

Financial Management Courses

Even If you're not a financial manager, you still need the skills to manage your accounts and finances. Solid financial skills are crucial for any manager or aspiring manager. Our courses will help you to analyse, manage and account for your budgets.

Graphic Design Courses

Creating beautiful content takes a bit of skill, a bit of talent, and a solid know-how of the tools of the trade. Our courses will teach you how to use these tools effectively as well as give you a solid understanding of graphic design principles.

Microsoft Courses

Microsoft has a host of industry-standard applications to make you more productive. Whether you simply need to write up a document or perform complex computations on a set of data, there is a Microsoft tool for you. Our courses will teach you how to use these applications in real-world scenarios.

Presentation, Training and Facilitation Courses

Courses for trainers, facilitators, and anyone who needs to make presentations in business.

Project Management Courses

Managing projects effectively takes a variety of skills. There is no one way to manage a project, and the methodology you use will change depending on your industry. Our project management courses will give you specific skills for managing your teams, timelines, and resources to ensure you deliver on time and in full.

Software Development Courses

Software development is a highly valuable skill to have in almost any industry. The ability to code programs to solve problems will make you an asset to your business. The best developers and software engineers use a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Our courses will get you up to speed in using these powerful tools.

Web Design Courses

Beautiful websites attract customers and drive conversions; they are a valuable asset to any business. Our Web design courses will equip you to design professional, responsive websites that give your customers a great user experience.

Web Development Courses

Web developers don't only create websites, they also create online applications. Online applications are both easy to program and fast to implement and can be very powerful resources for process control. Our courses will help you to create interactive and intelligent websites and powerful online applications.

IT Consultancy

Leading Edge Business Solutions offers expertise on an hourly rate, or on a project basis, or as part of a customised support and maintenance contract.

Consulting Skills:

  • Linux System Development
  • Linux System Deployment
  • Linux System Administration
  • Network Security
  • Software Development
  • Customised Development for Web Technologies
  • Database Design
  • Database Implementation
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Design and Engineering
  • Workflow management and process re-engineering
  • Change Management

System / Database Design and Assessment

We have a partnership with Chisomo Consulting who have extensive experience in enterprise high volume data processing.

They can provide:

Independent assessment of data processing and infrastructure from both a scalability and performance perspective. Assistance with the alignment of your IT strategy to your business requirements. System architecture and database design for demanding applications

Our Clients

Gauteng Provincial Treasury
Old Mutual Insure
Morobi Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Standard Bank
RS Components SA
RCL Foods Sugar & Milling
Amrod Corporate Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Altron Bytes People Solutions
Morobi Foundation
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and
Multimedia Center
Adcock Ingram Critical Care
SKA South Africa
Aspen Holdings
Exxaro Resources Limited
Multimedia Centre
Bestmed Medical Scheme
Vector Logistics
Bastion Group (Pty) Ltd
Skills Panda
National Credit Regulator
Galderma Laboratories South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Chep SA
Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited
Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment
Aspen Pharmacare
Global Knowledge HR Strategies
Gauteng Community Safety
Tronox KZN Sands
De Beers Group
JSE Limited
University of Johannesburg
Puma Energy Services South Africa (Pty)
National Empowerment Fund
DTBSA (Pty) Ltd
United Exports South Africa (Pty) Ltd
South32 Mocambique