Disclaimer Milter

Sendmail's milter interface allows you to add any number of mail filters to your mail. This particular filter adds a disclaimer to outgoing mail handled by sendmail. E-mail disclaimers usually say something like this:

There are excellent legal reasons not to add a disclaimer to your mail (e.g. by doing this you may be taking responsibility unnecessarily, and you will have to prove every implicit assertion). However, many people choose to ignore these reasons and forge ahead anyhow, so here's the tool to do it.

The DisclaimerMilter filter is based on cvgfilter. We have added command line configuration, and removed all of the spam and content filtering (which we found very distracting, and difficult to disable). (This was not a large programming effort, so don't send us fan mail - it's mostly other people's work.)

Audience: Mail administrators, specifically those using sendmail
System requirements: sendmail >= 8.11
Language: C
Source license: GPL

Download and documentation