Our software section contains software which we have written or adapted for our own purposes. You may download and use the software here subject to the attached licences, or you may contact us and ask to install it on your system. Unless otherwise stated, the software and documentation below are Copyright 2004 Leading Edge Business Solutions.


Applications and tools

  • DDDNS - The original Delegated Dynamic DNS client for Linux with fail-safe design.
  • squint - squint is a squid log analyser which produces guesstimates of on-line activity and allows you to locate your top internet "offenders" (Licence GPL).
  • squish - squish is the reactive version of squint. When someone uses more than the allowed amount of time or data on the 'net, they are squished. If you like this, please let us have your suggestions and orders. (Licence GPL).
  • DisclaimerMilter - Sendmail filter (milter) to add those annoying disclaimers to outgoing mail. This software is derived from cvgfilter, but contains no spam and content checking.
  • lostamd5found - find where distribution files in lost+found came from and send them back home.
  • fakepop - fakepop is a fake POP3 server which insists that you have no mail. There's also a transparent proxy redirector in the package, if you want to insist that nobody outside your network has mail.
  • dialserver - dialserver is a dialout control program which regulates connections between a LAN and the internet by requiring explicit authorisation for each connection. It has a number of attached scripts which manage SMTP and POP3 mail, and iptables firewalling. It hangs up the link for various low traffic scenarios.
  • mailspy - sendmail libmilter filter to log message subject lines and names of attached files (Licence GPL). It generates browsable log summaries. This could be the end of privacy as you know it, and a great boost to PGP. There is an example report for your perusal.
  • bitedit - Ncurses editor for bitmap files (Licence GPL).
  • ciscopwreset - automates the recovery of the cisco 1600 enable password (Licence GPL).
  • bouncer - forward your TCP connections via friendly proxy servers (alpha quality- but it works)



Old and Other Stuff

  • Gimp animations - Various animations and pictures made with the gimp by our underworked staff.
  • Telnet tunnel - A shockingly poor C program to negotiate a tunnel through a TCP connection with simple chat-style script.
  • SMTP authentication - Andrew's how-to on setting up sendmail to do SMTP authentication (exactly correct for SuSE 7.1)