LPI Training Notes

This is the download page for our open source LPI 101 and 102 training manuals.
These are licenced under the GNU Free Documentation Licence (FDL).
We also offer training courses on the same material.)

Of course, since the notes are free, you can download them, print them out, modify them and hack around generally. Everything should be like this, don't you think?


People from all over the world tell us they like these notes. Here are the comments that are worth repeating (they say nice things, even if the speling is not allways to grate :)


Audience: People who want to study for the LPI 101 or 102 examinations, people who want to run a LPI 101 or LPI 102 course, people who like downloading the entire internet.
System requirements: PDF viewer, e.g. gv, kghostview or Acrobat Reader to view. 2.0 to modify -- we recommend 2.0.1 or later.
Language: British English
License: GNU FDL with front cover text