LPI Training Notes

This is the download page for our open source LPI 101 and 102 training manuals.
These are licenced under the GNU Free Documentation Licence (FDL).
We also offer training courses on the same material.)

Of course, since the notes are free, you can download them, print them out, modify them and hack around generally. Everything should be like this, don't you think?


People from all over the world tell us they like these notes. Here are the comments that are worth repeating (they say nice things, even if the speling is not allways to grate :)

  • Hi, I just wanted to thank you for writing and releasing to the public your training notes, they are well written and very thorough. If I had known about them earlier I would not have spent my money on the "Nutshell" book.
  • Just a word of thank for the awesome and very professional LPI notes. They're really helping me.
  • Thanks for the excellent documents. These notes manage to clarify several complicated issues which other resources do not. The (semi)informal style is a welcome relief as well. Keep up the good work.
  • "Hi, Thanks for all these good stuff !! It contains a lot of new features which are not covered in many of the best selling book/coursewares & vendors." (from India)
  • "Thank you for the Training material placed on your website almost for free. I am very grateful. Hope I will become an active contibutor to the linux world soonest." (from Nigeria)
  • "i just want to say that your resource is the best in the world of linux software. I want to be a linux GURU using ur resource." (from Uganda)
  • "This is a short list of typos or otherwise incorrect words, sentences or other weirdness I found while studying your excellent LPI 101 training manual [20 corrections here]I hope it helps you improve the training manual, which helped me pass my 101 exam." (This is the typo of comment we like.)
  • Thanks so much for the notes. I'm considering taking these courses some time soon... (We look forward to your visit to South Africa from Singapore ...)


Audience: People who want to study for the LPI 101 or 102 examinations, people who want to run a LPI 101 or LPI 102 course, people who like downloading the entire internet.
System requirements: PDF viewer, e.g. gv, kghostview or Acrobat Reader to view. 2.0 to modify -- we recommend 2.0.1 or later.
Language: British English
License: GNU FDL with front cover text