squish stops you from spending too much of your valuable time and your company's bandwidth browsing the internet. Your friendly administrator can specify how much you are permitted, in terms of the amount of time you spend browsing, or the amount of data you download. This is specified per day, per week or per month.

With squish you can ...

  • Ration bandwidth
  • Keep people from lazing around on the internet all day
  • Make a per-user MRTG-like bandwidth graph (see example)
  • Semi-automatically handle programs that waste bandwidth (viruses, trojans, spyware)
  • Avoid unpleasant disciplinary hearings
  • Blame the computer for doing what you told it to do
Proper use of squish can also solve cockroach problems.

Audience: system administrators and management.
Status: under development
Requires: squid proxy server, web server, web browser, cron
Language: perl (perl version 5.6 and later, I think)
License: GPL
Dependencies: perl-GD, gd-lib (graphics for traffic graphs)

Download and documentation