If you want people to listen, speak with a deeper voice

Andrew Badham - 2018-10-18 08:43:24

The power of your voice is something I try to impress upon the folks in our classes. So much is said of appropriate body language and positioning in the room, yet – in my opinion – your voice is by far the more important factor. Your voice conveys how you feel about the subject matter of your discussion; it draws the listener’s attention to those parts you wish to highlight to them; it defines and represents you, the speaker, to the audience. Part of that representation is yo... Read more

How optimism could kill your start-up

Andrew Badham - 2018-10-09 08:20:44

A recent study published in the European Economic Review had, what I assume many people found to be, counterintuitive findings. Optimism and entrepreneurship don’t mix. In short, entrepreneurs with above average reported levels of optimism earned 30% less than those without rose tinted specs; a hard pill to swallow for believers in the law of attraction. Those who find this new information hard to believe might have a simple question quite rightly permeating their brains: How could optim... Read more

To become a better speaker focus on intent

Andrew Badham - 2018-10-04 15:46:52

My high-scool, like many others, had a variety of inter-house events, both in sports and the arts. It was a privilege we were afforded that allowed almost every boy to excel in at least one activity. Of course, the sheer variety of events meant that not every house would have many boys talented in each, which was the scenario I found myself in my Matric year. I belonged to one of the smaller houses, and as such, I happened to be the only boy who took drama. So, the task of writing, directing... Read more

Can team sports boost self-esteem?

Andrew Badham - 2018-08-29 12:42:44

A lot is said for physical exercise and its mental health benefits. Whether you choose to lift weights or run on the treadmill is immaterial, so long as you’re working hard for a decent amount of time, you will see improvements in depressive and anxious symptoms. This is a concept I’m very familiar with and enthusiastically an advocate of. What I was less familiar with was how sports, or more specifically team sports, would have an impact. So, when a student asked whether encourag... Read more

Your mindset: Predator or Prey

Andrew Badham - 2018-08-21 11:36:22

Picture a scene. A springbok stands calmly but vigilantly eating grass. A cheetah lurks in the thick veld, trying its best to remain unseen, unheard and downwind. The cheetah missteps and a patch of grass crunches underfoot. The springbok perks up, wasting no time deliberating the potential threat, and launches itself away from the sound. The cheetah explodes from its concealment to pursue the startled prey. Both animals tear across the plains as fast as they possibly can. If you’ve eve... Read more

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